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Meet Dr. Claudia Anrig, Fresno Chiropractor

“I was fortunate at a very young age to receive chiropractic care.”

Fresno chiropractor dr claudia anrig

Dr. Claudia Anrig

I remember for my seventh birthday asking for a full set of X-rays of my spine! I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor after what I’d seen chiropractic do for my mom.”

Chiropractic Saved Our Family

It’s hard for a family to be a family when someone is suffering. So, a pivotal point in my life was seeing my mom’s health restored by chiropractic. It even prompted my dad to give up his successful engineering career to become a chiropractor. And it inspired me and my brother and sister to become chiropractors too. Chiropractic literally saved our family.

Not only did that first chiropractor help mom with her debilitating back pain, but he was deeply committed to patient education. And that’s a key part of our practice too. With clear, understandable explanations, we equip our patients to make better decisions about their health.

The Joy of Service

I saw my parents model the principles of service and self-sacrifice. They are still powerful role models for me today. Because of their example, I get to experience the soul-satisfying joy of helping others and changing lives. It’s the most deeply rewarding thing I can imagine.

The Best Gift Ever

I never take it for granted how much impact a simple chiropractic adjustment can have. For some, it might be pain relief. For another it might mean improved quality of life. Or helping a pregnant mom or a newborn after a difficult delivery. I’m simply honored and privileged to help so many people on a daily basis.

“If I can help you like my mom was helped,
it’s the best gift and blessing from God I could ever give.”

Walking the Talk

I’m committed to living the same healthy lifestyle that I recommend to patients. I recognize the value of eating whole, living foods. I make sure that I spend at least a portion of my time (when I’m not serving patients) walking, exercising and moving. I wasn’t vaccinated and I provide as much information as I can to help parents make informed decisions about this highly charged issue.

Committed to the Future

In my effort to ensure that chiropractic care is available to every little boy and girl I co-edited Pediatric Chiropractic. This textbook is used in most major chiropractic colleges in the United States and other countries and it’s an honor to know that I’m helping to ensure there are chiropractors all over the world that are learning how to better care for this important age group.

When Can We Meet?

If you’re looking for hope, you’ll find it here. And if you’re looking for a chiropractor who is deeply committed to offering choices and providing direction, I’d like to be your chiropractor. Please give us a call and schedule a time when we can sit down and get to know each other. Let’s see what chiropractic care can do for you.
Call (559) 291-5581

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