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Frequently Asked Questions

Question mark on a chalkboardWe pride ourselves in providing excellent patient education along with our state-of-the-art chiropractic care. Even so, from time to time our newest patients will often ask these questions:

“Can You Help Me?”

It surprises many people when they learn that chiropractic care doesn’t treat diseases or conditions. That’s the purpose of medicine.

Instead, our approach is to find areas of your spine interfering with the proper nervous system control of your body. As these interferences are reduced, the self-healing ability of your body is unleashed, and symptoms usually resolve.

Can we help? Probably. A more definitive answer is possible, but only after a thorough chiropractic examination.

“Will I Get Addicted to Chiropractic Adjustments?”

Of course not. Granted, some patients love the feeling of “normal” after getting adjusted that they choose to adopt a schedule of wellness visits. But how long you choose to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you. No long term contracts. No nagging. You’re the boss. We’re here to serve.

“How Long Is It Going To Take?”

All processes, include healing, take time. And since you’re doing the healing, not us, results vary. For one person it might take six to ten weeks of care. For another, progress might be measured in months. Thankfully, most patients see enough progress in the first couple of couple weeks to be inspired to complete their initial care recommendations.

One of the things that make our Fresno practice unique is that we’re working with what we call the 1%. These are the more difficult, chronic or complex cases in which patients have gone from doctor to doctor without success.

We will only take on a case that we think we can help. We have seen so many “miracles” over the years, we will never, ever give up.

“Why So Many Children? Do They Have Bad Backs?”

Not ‘bad backs’ in the traditional sense. We help lots of children overcome the challenge of a difficult birth and various childhood traumas that can affect the integrity of their nervous systems. We’ve seen amazing results with colic, bedwetting, so called “growing pains” and many other neurological disorders. Our focus on children is an attempt to help prevent many of the issues we see in adults.

“Will My Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt?”

In a word, no. In fact if they did, we would find it difficult to get patients to return again and again for the repeated visits necessary to create lasting spinal changes. Actually, adjustments feel great. Think of a heavy weight lifted off your shoulders. Or imagine a new sense of aliveness. Or feeling “connected.” This is how many of our practice members describe their chiropractic adjustments.

“Can You Reverse the Degeneration in My Spine?”

When patients see their X-rays and see the evidence of uncorrected spinal trauma and neglect, they want to know if it can be stopped or reversed.

Often the answer is yes. Especially, if we catch it early enough. (That’s why we have such a fondness for helping children.) Your body has incredible recuperative abilities once your spine moves better and the integrity of your nervous system is revived.

Rarely are we unable to help improve someone’s quality of life. But every case is different.

Do you have a question not answered here? Email our practice and we’ll respond promptly!

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