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Our Techniques at Anrig Chiropractic Offices

Fresno chiropractor dr daniel anrig adjusts

Chiropractic adjustments are tailored to your size, age and particular health issue.

We rely almost exclusively on an adjusting technique known as Gonstead, named after Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead who developed this unique approach to precise chiropractic adjusting over 80 years ago. The results we see are often profound, even among patients who have been to other chiropractors.

Your spine is an engineering marvel, permitting you stand, turn and bend, while protecting the vital neurological communication pathway of the spinal cord. Our evaluation and spinal adjusting approach honors the biomechanical integrity of your spine.

Weight-bearing X-rays – Unlike hospital X-rays, we’ll have you stand in a weight-bearing position and take pictures that capture your entire spine from your skull to your tailbone, from the back and from the side. And while some chiropractors will adjust you without such pictures, we never do. As we always say, “To see is to know.”

Posture evaluation – On each visit we’ll observe your posture and weight distribution. Forward head carriage, high shoulder, uneven hips and other nuances will be noted, guiding what we do on each visit.

Thermographic scan – We’ll use our handheld scanning instrument to measure minute changes in temperature along your spine. These reveal areas of inflammation and nervous system dysfunction.

Specific adjustments – With a clear understanding of your unique spinal pattern, we’ll apply a carefully controlled thrust to your spine at just the right time and place. Welcome to scientific chiropractic!

Nutritional support - If your body lacks the raw materials to heal, recovery will lag. We may recommend Standard Process whole food supplements to support the restoration of your health and strengthening of your immune system.

Our clinical approach is thorough and based on proven biomechanical principles. Can we help you? Probably. Find out. Take the first step by calling our Fresno chiropractic practice and scheduling a time we can meet and discuss your current health issue. 

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