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Meet Dr. Ernst Anrig, Fresno Chiropractor

dr ernst anrig and his daughter dr claudi anrig

Dr. Ernst Anrig (r) with his daughter, Dr. Claudia Anrig

We emigrated from Switzerland in my early 20s. I was an engineer living in Dearborn, Michigan. When my wife began experiencing debilitating back pain while pregnant with Suzi, our third child, the doctors told her it would go away. But it didn’t. In fact, it got worse.

One day, while at the grocery store, the gentleman at the counter observed that he hadn’t seen my wife and children for a while. Suddenly, my story came pouring out about her back pain and my feeling of helplessness.

“She has to go see a chiropractor,” he said after I finished.

I Wasn’t Familiar with Chiropractic

But I was so desperate to have my wife back I was willing to try anything. So, we went to the chiropractor.

He x-rayed, examined and adjusted my wife and, after just a few weeks of chiropractic care, she was out of pain. Soon, she could walk again. So, she stopped going.

About a year and a half later she began experiencing the same discomfort which quickly deteriorated into a repeat of her previous symptoms, so she went to a chiropractor again. We had moved from Michigan to Arizona and so she found a new chiropractor. He was different.

He explained that she had spinal degeneration in her spine. Back when she was a child, she had back pain and legs cramps, which everyone just called growing pains. This developed into other issues as a young woman and, thanks to this chiropractor’s explanations, we began to understand that her problems began in childhood and we realized that our children should be under care.

That’s When I Decided to Change Careers

We moved to Los Angeles and I enrolled at Cleveland Chiropractic College, graduating in 1968. As an engineer it made sense to study the Gonstead Technique, one of the more precise techniques based on the biomechanics of the spine.

All these decades later, I’m still seeing a few patients and I’m humbled by the choice my children have made to join me in practice. We all want to help you in the same way chiropractic helped my wife. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment today!

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