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Meet Dr. Daniel Anrig, Fresno Chiropractor

Fresno chiropractor dr daniel anrig

Dr. Daniel Anrig

Chiropractic has provided real health answers for my family, grandkids, and patients.







Helping patients with a life of pain, without using drugs or relying on surgery, was very appealing.

I attended Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles. Upon graduation I came home to Fresno and started my practice.

My patients learn that the condition of their nervous system affects every part of their life.

I try to help them realize the lifetime benefits of regular Chiropractic care and to address their occasional symptoms with natural chiropractic care.

My wife Karlin, and our kids Keane, Jachin and Alyssa are my greatest joy. Our three children have been beneficiaries of chiropractic care since birth. Now that they are out of the house, we’re proud that each has embraced healthy habits as young adults that include regular chiropractic care.  Ask about the Gonstead difference

Our family uses whole food supplements with Standard Process offers real solutions. The results have been miraculous. Using organic, whole food supplements I’ve been personal witness to the powerful combination of chiropractic care and proper nutrition.

Do have health challenges? I’d like to meet you, understand your situation and share my experiences. Perhaps together we can help you enjoy life to the fullest. Give me a call[559-824-3253]

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